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In the aztec language of pre conquest mexico xochipilli literally means prince of flowers. Museo nacional de antropologiamexico city.

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Xochipilli the prince of flowers is the aztec god of flowers maize love games beauty song and dance.

Xochipilli flowers. His name contains the nahuatl words xochitl flower and pilli either prince or child and hence means flower prince size. He is also referred to as macuilxochitl which means five flowers. Xochi is from the nahuatl xochitl or flower while pilli means either prince or child he is the husband of mayahuel and the twin brother of xochiquetzal.

Both the statue and the base upon which it sits are covered in carvings of sacred and psychoactive organisms including mushrooms psilocybe aztecorum tobacco nicotiana tabacum ololiuqui turbina corymbosa sinicuichi heimia salicifolia possibly cacahuaxochitl quararibea funebris and one unidentified flower. Xochipillis name contains the nahuatl words xochitl flower and pilli either prince or child and therefore means flower prince. Xochipilli is the aztec god of art games beauty dance flowers and song.

Xochipilli the aztec prince of flowers in an era of rampant aggression and human suffering taking time to consider a male deity of flowers and artists seems particularly appealing. Xochipilli is wearing a mask and is himself covered in flowers from psychotropic plants hallucinogenic mushrooms and animal skins. Cross legged and care free the god is portrayed happily singing and playing his rattles a vibrant symbol of all the good things in life.

Xochipilli aztec god of flowers dance song love statue from art.

Xochipilli Lord Of Flowers God Of Music Dance Love He Is

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Xochipilli The Prince Of Flowers

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