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Among the various kinds of hibiscus plants are hardy and tropical specimens native plants annuals and perennials. The rose of sharon is a hardy easy to grow shrub.

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Types of hibiscus flowers tropical hibiscus.

Types of hibiscus flower. Hardy hibiscus plants are native to the americas and other moderately cold climates states hidden valley hibiscus growers. Tropical hibiscus grow in warmer climates while hardy hibiscus thrive in areas with colder temperatures. This tropical variation is actually a double hibiscus.

They can be red yellow white or peach colored and can be as big as 6 inches wide. The different varieties of hibiscus simple pleasures. An annual plant that grows up to 6 feet high this flower has bright yellow lime green.

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With flowers that can grow up to 8 inches wide this is a striking. The two types of hibiscus plants are hardy or tropical according to growers at hidden valley hibiscus. The red flowers of this variety are most commonly cultivated for medical purposes and are available as dietary supplements.

The hardy hibiscus grows the largest flowers with blooms that can get to be 8. Hibiscus flowers come in many colors. The 6 inch wide red flowers are divided into five sections giving the plants summer blooms the appearance of a star.

This variety of tropical hibiscus has extremely vibrant blooms. 32 different types of hibiscus flowers abelmosk. This is a stunning flower in a beautiful shade of.

Texas star hibiscus hibiscus coccineus grows to 7 feet tall with a 4 foot spread in usda zones 6 through 9. Hibiscus flowers will keep its green leaves almost the same throughout even in different seasons. This is a traditional variation that has nine to ten inch blooms.

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The flowers are large eye catching and trumpet shaped with five or more petals. This woody upright hibiscus attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. The state flower of hawaii tropical hibiscus is a perennial in its native environment.

Thanks to their flowers all hibiscus plants draw in pollinators including bees. Some of the main categories of hibiscus include. The most popular variety is hibiscus sabdariffa.

There are also related plants like hollyhock common mallow and even okra. There are a large assortment of colored bloom hibiscus including the molten lava type which has a varied bloom color the pink hibiscus which includes the soft shoulders and blue angel type and the yellow hibiscus which includes the irish eyes and the yellow submarine styles. Known to locals as the pua aloalo the chinese hibiscus is the state flower.

The colours of different types of hibiscus can be white pink red orange purple or yellow.

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