Types Of Flowers In India

In indian art and mythology the lotus symbolizes fertility divinity knowledge and wealth. The flower is an ornamental plant and available in many different colours.

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If you dont have daffodils on the list of your summer flowers of india you are missing out on a major chunk.

Types of flowers in india. The colors shapes and scents of the flowers common to india range from exotic to common. Various species and hybrids of this exceptionally beautiful flower can be seen in garden as cut flowers or as potted plants. There are over 100 known species of this incredible plant.

1 a list of state flowers of india is given below. From asia to africa tulip is one among the most cultivated flowers. Tulips come in several colors as well as flower shape.

Long stems containing air pockets enable this flower to float. The marigold has important cultural and religious significance because it is used to make garlands and offered to the hindu gods and goddesses. The marigold also has medicinal qualities which include treating ulcers.

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This water plant has bright fragrant flowers and broad floating leaves. The pink lotus is the national flower for both india and vietnam while korea china and japan celebrate the flowers beauty by holding the lotus festival. List of flower names a to z with pictures.

While it cannot survive colder climates the lotus can live for thousands of years. They are available in white or yellow colors usually. Marigolds calendula officinalis are also found throughout india but heavily grown in the valley of the flowers.

As most of the other countries india too has a national emblemthe lion capital of sarnath. Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowering plant is edible and used for the worship of devi in india. See symbols of indian states and territories for a complete list of all state characters and seals.

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Common and easy to grow types. Indian jasmine commonly called mogra is the most beautiful garden flowering plant in india used for making perfumes flavor jasmine tea and gajra. Parts of a flower.

Jasminum sambac. The perennial spring flowers have their petals arranged in a corona that is trumpet shaped. 36 different types of lotus flowers.

The anemone is dainty and doesnt grow well during summer droughts overly wet winters or high winds. The lotus is known as a sacred flower in india and is the countrys national flower. Angelwing jasmine with a scent as enchanting as the large delicate white flowers angelwing jasmine grows as a vine but is often trimmed back to a bush like shape.

The anemone includes 120 species of flowers but the most common types found in north america come in white pink or violet hues. One type of lotus seed managed to revive after 1300 years of dormancy. Perennials a to z.

Daffodils are summer flowers inside out.

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