Types Of Flowering Trees In Florida

This is south floridas apple blossom tree and it flowers with gorgeous white pink blooms that appear in summer. Over 300 species of trees are native to floridas woodlands.

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On this page slash pine sand pine turkey oak myrtle oak laural oak live oak dwarf live oak sand live oak overcup oak florida poisonwood.

Types of flowering trees in florida. Blanchard magnolia one of the most beautiful southern trees has flowers with the strongest fragrance in nature. And the ylang ylang trees flowers are used in perfumes. Identify the florida friendly plants including florida native plants that will work in your yard or landscape design.

It is native to florida but only grows in the north and central parts of the state. A few trees are deciduous like the gorgeous tuscarora pink crape myrtle pictured above. Flowers some trees have large showy flowers while others have small or no flowers at all.

Some large flowering trees have fragrance too dd. Dogwood flowers are small but have showy petal like bracts. This spring flowering beauty actually has false white or pink flowers called bracts that surround the small yellow true flowers.

With proper trimming the flowering tree can be maintained at a small to medium size. Fruits and seeds if the tree you are trying to identify has fruits this can be a great way to identify the tree. Plan for seasonal coloror bare branches.

618 long odd pinnately compound and alternate. Let it grow and youll gain a large shade tree with cover that offers reprieve from the south florida sun. Smaller florida flowering trees can include shrubs trained to a single trunk called standards or those with multiple trunks.

Leaflets are 14 long. Ten common flowering trees of the tampa bay area 3 golden raintree koelreuteria paniculata family. Dogwood trees prefer full sun to partial shade nutrient rich well drained acid soils and are slightly salt tolerant.

Sapindaceae soapberry family florida hardiness zones. Often times fruits will have fallen of the tree and you will be able to closely examine them. Another common native tree in northern florida is the flowering dogwood cornus florida.

For example looking at the leaves bark fruit size of the tree its form and its habitat can help you identify the tree. 3 cassia japonica. The dogwoods leaves turn deep red in the fall.

Often the flowers on different species of trees from the same family resemble each other. In such cases you need to inspect other features of the tree to determine the species. The database contains a list of recommended trees palms shrubs flowers groundcovers grasses and vines developed by university of floridaifas horticulture experts.

Since flowers are not always present they should be used in conjuncture with other characteristics to identify a tree type.

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