Types Of Flowering Crabapple Trees

The upright oval to vase shape of harvest gold crabapple makes the tree a good small shade tree as well as a flowering and fruiting ornamental. Although various types of caterpillars leafhoppers leaf rollers leaf miners and japanese beetles may attack the tree these pests rarely cause significant damage to the tree.

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Sweet crabapple malus coronaria the sweet crabapple tree also called the prairie crabapple.

Types of flowering crabapple trees. Insectspests commonly affecting flowering crabapples. Flowering crabapples malus species are popular ornamental trees in colorado landscapes. Prairifire flowering crabapple malus prairifire.

The front range is known for its crabapple flowering announcing the arrival of spring. The southern crabapple tree grows throughout portions. There are both fruiting crabapple trees and non fruiting crabapples.

Some types of crabapple tree. Crabapple trees are generally well adapted to colorado soils and climate but varieties or cultivars should be carefully selected for disease resistance and for higher elevations. These trees are very popular in the northern part of the united states where the cold weather in spring makes it difficult for many other flowering trees to thrive.

The red jade crabapple also has white flowers and grows up to 10 feet but produces red fruits. The molten lava crabapple is a very common variety with orange fruits and white flowers. Different kinds of flowering crabapple trees european crabapple malus sylvestris the most common flowering crabapple species.

Picking a crabapple tree is a bit of a challenge however because this versatile tree is available in a tremendous range of flower color leaf color fruit color size and shape. And for good reason. There are several types of weeping spreading form of crabapple trees.

Read on to learn about choosing crabapple trees for landscapes. Crabapple trees are valued for their spectacular spring blooms tree form. Sweet crab apple blossoms.

Glossy maroon or purplish red in spring the leaves become dark green with purplish red veins in the summer then a beautiful bronze color in autumn. Flowering crabapple trees malus spp are ornamental trees related to apple trees but bearing smaller fruits. The flowers of the crabapple tree have five petals and range in color from white to deep pink.

Types of crabapple trees features. Siberian crabapple malus baccata the siberian flowering crabapple. It grows up to 10 feet tall and provides great foliage and elegant weeping branches.

It has good resistance to all four major crabapple diseasesfire blight apple scab powdery mildew and cedar apple rust. All crabapple trees have deciduous leaves. The stunning long lasting spring blossoms are a sight to behold.

But this variety also offer year round beauty with its changing leaf color. Flowering crabapples are relatively undamaged by most insects.

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