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Types Of Flowerhorn Cichlids

Flowerhorn cichlids are indeed stunning captivating fish a fish that you must bring home if you are an avid fish lover. Various strains exist within these types.

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Top Best Types Of Flowerhorn Fish Expensive And Rare For Your

Lump Head Cichlid Flowerhorn Encyclo Fish

The flowerhorn fish is a hybrid likely created by breeding two cichlids in malaysia in the mid to late 1990s.

Types of flowerhorn cichlids. They used to call these fish warships. This strain is sometimes called the titanium flowerhorn due to their metallic blue or white color though some of them are actually gold. Flowerhorn cichlid fish is a hybrid however it doesnt tend to get sick its good looking and fruitful.

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The four main types are zhen zhu golden monkey kamfa and golden base or faders. He may have remained an obscure hybrid fish if not for the story of an asian man who won a lottery based on the pattern on a flowerhorn fish. The flowerhorns popularity grew.

Red dragon flowerhorn interesting peculiarity of the fish is that it changes its color during its life up to reproductive stage. It was bred for its color and size instead of the head shape and patterning. The list below enlist some of the most attractive types of flowerhorn cichlids that are available nowadays and are most popular.

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The thai silk flowerhorn is one of the newest strains of flowerhorn cichlids. Some of the other varieties of flowerhorn cichlids are red texas cichlid king kamfa kamfamalau thai silk golden apple indo malau tan king etc. Originating in malaysia and taiwan flowerhorns were created by cross breeding cichlids from central america.

Types of flowerhorn fish. Before that lets learn about the origin of the flowerhorns. Breeders started breeding flowerhorns during 1993 as the malaysians always admired fishes with the nuchal hump.

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