Types Of Flower Tea And Benefits

1 cups boiling water 1 2 teaspoons dried mullein leaves andor flowers flowers make a sweeter tea 1 teaspoon dried spearmint optional for flavor 1 2 teaspoons honey optional steep the leaves for 15 minutes. Hibiscus tea is made from the colorful flowers of the hibiscus plant.

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Useful herbal tea benefits for headaches in colds and much much more.

Types of flower tea and benefits. These flowers bring different effect or benefits to the body. Loaded with polyphenols such as catechins and flavonoids. 25 types of tea and their health benefits 1.

It has a pink red color and refreshing tart flavor. The presence of anti oxidants in hibiscus tea gives us protection against cell damaging free radicals. Improve metabolism and induce fat burning.

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It can be enjoyed hot or iced. Below the main benefits are listed if you know already about green tea health benefits then scroll down directly for the benefits of flowers used in blooming teas. Hibiscus flower tea is made from dried hibiscus flowers.

Moreover it also has a healing effect on the skin and can bring down swelling. Medicinal flowers and their uses. It helps to reduce hypertension cholesterol and blood pressure.

Apart from the dried tea leaves the blooming tea consists of flowers like jasmine osmanthus globe amaranth marigold lily rose trollius chinensis and yellow chrysanthemum. Drinking this tea brings marked relief for those suffering from a fever headache or common cold. Chrysanthemum chyrsanthemums are another flower that make a great tea when steeped in hot water.

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A tea of the flowers is good for inflammation and twitching of eyelids. Hibiscus is also used in zinger tea and sorrel tea. The reason why flowering tea or blooming tea can help man get the effects of them it is because well selected fujian silver needles are used and dehydrated flowers like gomphrena globosa yellow chrysanthemum jasmine lily marigold and carnation etc.

As an ointment andor a tea it is valuable for all skin diseases and a blood purifier. Flowering tea also has many health benefits in it.

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