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The flower youtan poluo is said to bloom every three thousand years. They can reach up to three meters in length.

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An extremely rare name leysa is of ukrainian origin.

Rare pretty flower names. The jade vine is a rare woody vine native to the tropical rainforests of the philippines. It is a member of the pea and bean family and is closely related to kidney beans. Here is a list of flower names along with their symbolic meanings.

An embodiment of love in your life name your child lalitya for it means grace and loveliness. The snowdonia hawkweed one of the rarest flowers. Passion flower passiflora incarnata is on of the rarest and unusual flowers of the world.

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You can find baby names of all shapes sizes here at top 100 baby names search. Because you absolutely do love flowers and you want your little girl to have a flower name. Top 12 most beautiful flowers in the world 1.

Passiflora incarnata are the most beautiful colorful and full of fragrance flowers they attract bees birds and butterflies. 4 yellow and purple lady slippers. 25 rare flowers that are stunning to look at 25 youtan poluo.

Find out how to use the language of flowers to express deep felt emotions like love longing anticipation jealousy hope and so on. 10 incredibly rare flowers you have probably never seen 10 kadupul flower. Search our unique unisex and world names as well.

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Having a name which means the essentially beautiful ornament usually worn by women earring is an extremely unique and charming choice. The plant carries claw shaped flowers which grow from hanging trusses. Here are even more terrific girls flower names.

Passiflora alata yields rare flower of crimson colors. Their leaves are in the shape of an oval. The name is from hindi language.

The white lotus is called the egyptian white water lily or the tiger lotus.

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