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Find essential growing information on the rain lily including. Zephyranthes z f r ae n o i z is a genus of temperate and tropical plants in the amaryllis family subfamily amaryllidoideae native to the western hemisphere and widely cultivated as ornamentals.

How To Grow Rain Lilies

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Zephyranthes is a tropical wildflower commonly known as rain lilies because they tend to bloom after a significant rain.

Rain lily flower. Elegant and easy to grow rain lilies liven up gardens with funnel to goblet shaped flowers in a range of colors. An individual flower will only last a few days with the heaviest flush of blooms occurring first. Check out more information about the rain lily flower and explore tips for planting rain lily bulbs.

Colors height and width hardiness zones seasonal features light and special features. There are over 70 recognized species as well as numerous hybrids and cultivars. Rain lilies are petite 1 2 inch crocus like flowers reaching 4 10 tall above a tuft of outward spreading narrow grass like green leaves.

Different species bloom at different times so you can enjoy their blooms throughout much of the growing season if you grow several kinds. Heres a vote to include rain lilies. Growing rain lilies is not difficult when the right conditions are available to the plant.

Common names for species in this genus include fairy lily rainflower zephyr lily magic lily. Think of the narrow foliage of grape hyacinth bulbs which is similar. Zephyranthes drummondii usda symbol.

The foliage is grassy and bright green and tends to have a prostrate habit. L48 rain lilies pop up and bloom two or three days after good rains in the spring and early summer. Shop all rain lilies many gardeners have limited growing space and have to make hard choices about what plants they love best.

Rain lilies generally produce three upright petals and three identical sepals ranging from narrow to broad. Cooperia pedunculata cooperia pedunculata herb. This plant is hardy is usda zones 7 11a member of the amaryllidaceae family tips are the same for growing rain lilies as for growing the crinum lily the lycoris lily and even the common indoor grown amaryllis of the same family.

Rain lilies are petite so while they wont be the flashiest bloomers in the garden they do naturalize well so look for more pop up with each passing year. Sizes and blooms differ but care for rain lily is similar to other members of the family. Rain lily bulbs produce diminutive blossoms in abundance once theyre settled in the right spot.

Zephyranthes rain lilies are small perennial bulbs that need to be sited in the front of the border or in a rock garden to be appreciated. Hill country rain lily prairie lily rain lily flor de mayo liliaceae lily family synonyms. Cope usda native status.

Zephyranthes has the common name rain lily for a good reasonit has the charming habit of sending up new blooms after a summer rain it would make an excellent rain garden plant.

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