Orchid Flower Names

Since orchids grow on every continent one could say they are one of the most diverse species of flowers. This winter bloomer also goes by the common name nuns cap orchid.

Top 25 Beautiful Orchid Flowers

Orchids Asia Orchids Collectibles Plants Vanilla Spices Resource

Orchids Asia Orchids Collectibles Plants Vanilla Spices Resource

A major attraction of orchids is the diversity of hybrids available to growers.

Orchid flower names. Cymbidium orchids may have tiny flowers compared with some orchid varieties but their several flower spikes make certain a rewarding display. Species or grex the second part of orchid name. Bulbophyllum 2000 species epidendrum 1500 species dendrobium 1400 species pleurothallis 1000 species species by definition are produced in nature.

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Full descriptions and culture requirements provided by experts hand picked for their knowledge of select genera. The names of hybrids. Hybrids have names too.

If you have a phaius orchid in your collection you will quickly find out that the four foot specimens do not belong on a windowsill. When a hybrid is made the breeder or his or her representative assigns a grex or group name that applies to all of the hybrid progeny. The scientific name of orchids is orchidaceae.

A grex name begins with a capital letter and is in roman type. The leaves are large and strappy and the many flower spikes may produce purple white or yellow flowers. Common names for orchids.

Excellent options for beginners consist of the lime eco friendly chica the yellow as well as red showoff or the bright pink frae all recipients of the american orchid cultures highly commended certificate. When an orchid is a man made hybrid the second part of the name is referred to as the grex name. Their structure is unique to the species and no other flower looks quite like an orchid.

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Flower in the form of a yellow serpent cozlicoatzontecoxochitl pre mexican encyclia cattleya citrina. Orchids a to z here is your definitive source for concise information on orchid genera.

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