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E red lily flower types. Another iconic lily the lilium longiflorum is a very popular lily during.

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The different types of lilies trumpet lily.

Lily flower types. Orientals orienpets hybrids between orientals and trumpets and trumpets. There are more than 80 species and hundreds of cultivars in myriad colors ranging from 2. Asiatic lilies have some of the largest blooms in the lily.

40 different types of lilies for your garden african queen trumpet lily with large trumpet like petals of bright orange apricot. Division 3 lilies are candidum hybrids and include most european varieties. Lilium regale or the regal lily bears trumpet shaped flowers similar to those you see on easter lilies.

Asiatic hybrids are one most popular types of lilies for cut flowers and potted plants. Up to 2 feet. Blooms in early to mid summer.

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These perennial flowers are a garden favorite for their showy colors and easy maintenance. However unlike easter lilies the regal lily will grow 5 feet tall and needs support for its stems which may bear two dozen 6 inch long flowers each. The sequence of bloom begins in early summer with the colorful asiatics martagon lilies also called turks cap lilies and pure white lilium candidum and then continues until late summer with other species lilies and three tall fragrant groups.

What are true lilies. They produce many small downward facing flowers. Also called an aurelian lily the trumpet lily is the most iconic lily due to.

Golden applecarnic lily lilium carniolicum deriving its name from the historical region of carniola these lilies may also be orange to yellow with black dots. Around 3 inches down facing recurved. Anastasia orienpet lily this lily has large blossoms that are rose pink and.

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Canada lily lilium canadense. Plants in the liliales grow from bulbs or corms both of which will store food over the winter or during the dry season. These common lily varieties grow well in cool weather and shade making them excellent for shady gardens.

Division 2 lily plant types are called martagon hybrids. These are plants derived from the lilies that bloom in the wild in north america. This division includes lsunray l.

Altari orienpet lily with petals up to 12 inches wide and in a star like shape. Connecticut king and l. There are many kinds of flowers which have been called lilies but many of these so called lilies such as the day lily water lily and arum lily actually belong to other groups of flowering plants.

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Division 4 lilies are american hybrids.

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