Lily Flower Family

Most species grow in temperate and tropical areas. Most species are native to the temperate northern hemisphere though their range extends into the northern subtropics.

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Lilies are a group of flowering plants which are important in culture and literature in much of the world.

Lily flower family. Plants of the lily family most showy monocot flowers with parts in threes belong to the lily family or one of its allies. If you are growing lilies strictly for cut flowers consider planting them in a designated cutting garden where you can plant fresh bulbs each year. Lilies have long held a fascination for people.

Most lily plants are grasses that begin as bulbs tubers or rhizomes and many have showy flowers ranging from pink and white stargazer lilies to bold tulips or hyacinth. Lily the common name applied to herbaceous flowering plants belonging to the genus lilium of the family liliaceaethe genus contains between 80 and 100 species native to the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. Lily usually inhabits forests grasslands marshes and.

Lilies make wonderful cut flowers. There are hundreds of varieties of lilies that can be found mostly in the northern hemisphere europe asia and north america. The lily family liliaceae consists of about 15 genera and about 705 known species of flowering plants within the order lilialesthey are monocotyledonous perennial herbaceous often bulbous geophytesplants in this family have evolved with a fair amount of morphological diversity despite genetic similarity.

Lilies are prized as ornamental plants and they have been extensively hybridized. As a group lilies do best in partially. Lily is a flowering plant that belongs to the family liliaceae.

The madonna lily l. Family lily flower color green mixed plant type forb short description false hellebore is a common plant of mid and high elevation marshes growing exclusively on soils that have a continual source of free water. Common characteristics include large flowers with parts arranged in threes.

Lilies have 3 sepals and 3 petals which are identical in size and color often referred to as 6 tepals. However avoid cutting off more than a third of the stem which can reduce the plants vigor and longevity. Lilies are highly prized as house and garden ornamentals and many of the most beautiful of these belong to the genus lilium the namesake of the family.

Lilium members of which are true lilies is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs all with large prominent flowers. Location mccall native yes weed no. The flower expert guide on flowers gardening.

Lilies facts biology of the lily plants growing care preserving and tips with pictures and recommended lily bouquets and arrangements to send and buy.

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