Lessons From a Rose


Lessons from a Rose
Introduction: Which flower is considered to be the king of all flowers in the nature? Well, even a kindergarten student would be able to tell the answer- Rose.

Lessons From a Rose (The Daybreak)
Lessons From a Rose (The Daybreak)

One of the writers said that Rose is considered to be the king of flower not because of its beauty (for there are many more other beautiful flowers than rose) but because of its ability to spread happiness around despite the fact that it stands on the thorns. Friends, this flower that has caught the imagination of numerous poets, writers, artists can help us to glean valuable lessons from its life.

Lessons From a Rose – Here are some of them:

Lessons From A Rose Bush (LetterPile)
Lessons From A Rose Bush (LetterPile)
  • 1. Life’s not fair: If someone has the right to say, “Life’s not fair” than that right goes to the Rose flower. It stands on thorns all of its life. It is born on thorns, it buds, blossoms and withers on thorns. People may complain that, “Life’s unfair” when they encounter some problems in their lives but look at the rose, it is surrounded by problems all of its life. But the lesson we should learn from it is this, “Life’s not fair but don’t forget to blossom.”
  • 2. Life’s momentary: That’s the second lesson we learn from the rose flower. The average life span of a rose flower is some few hours only. It is very short lived. But though the life span of rose is momentary it leaves a mark on our life that is eternal. The beauty it shares, the joy and fragrance it gives linger in our memories long after it withers away. Shouldn’t our lives reflect some of it ennobling qualities?
  • 3. Life’s not about complaining but spreading joy: The rose is a courageous flower. It stands on the thorn and gives joy, it does not complain like us mortals. We go on in life complaining, whining, cursing God and all. But the rose is proactive flower, it takes responsibility, it chooses to respond nobly. It chooses to spread a smile, joy and beauty. Does that teach us something about life? You bet!
  • 4. Life is all about giving ourselves fully: The rose is a perennial flower. It blossoms in every season. It gives its 110% in every season. Come rain, sun or winter it doesn’t forget to blossom. Moreover, we give roses to each other on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special moments etc. It is a perfect symbol of giving. It is a flower that gives. The law of the Universe, “What you give out is what comes back to you”, is perfectly characterized in the Rose flower. The flower is the king and most popular flower because it gives itself fully without inhibitions. When we give out love, hard work, dedication we reap success, joy and fulfillment. So next time you see a rose, it is teaching you the blessedness that lies in giving ourselves fully.
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Lessons From A Rose Garden (Pinterest.com)
Lessons From A Rose Garden (Pinterest.com)

Conclusion: Friends, rose speaks not words, yet tells us so many valuable things that we ought to consider and follow in our lives. Rose is the king of all flowers and till it continues to blossom despite the thorns and till it continues to be a symbol of generosity and love, it will rule the kingdom of flowers, it will always be crowned and a crowning glory to behold and to learn from.
May you have rosy days ahead.

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