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Other names you might have heard include garden hydrangea florists hydrangea and french hydrangea because chances are the flowers you find at a florist shop or grocery store are bigleaf hydrangeas. There are three main types of bigleaf hydrangeas.

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There are bigleaf mophead flowers lacecap flowers smooth panicle climbing and oakleaf kinds.

Hydrangea flower types. Each individual hydrangea flower is relatively small. The flowers age to an attractive pink and tip down in an distinctive arching fashion. Oakleaf hydrangeas hydrangea quercifolia.

Within this category there are three types. Hydrangea shrubs come in tree bush and vine types. Climbing hydrangeas hydrangea petiolaris.

Of all types of hydrangeas panicle hydrangea is the one you can prune into a tree form. While this plant leans towards blue blooms the flower color may range from blue to pink to whiteall soft delicate shades perfect for refined gardens. Chances are the hydrangeas at your local florists shop are bigleaf hydrangeas.

Hydrangea varieties of the panicle type include grandiflora commonly nicknamed peegee. The flowers of hydrangea are carried in bunches at the ends of the stems. However the display of color is enhanced by a ring of modified bracts around each flower.

Hydrangeas are unique in that you can control their color. Panicle hydrangeas hydrangea paniculata. Their flowers come in various shapes ranging from the big rounded flower clusters of the mophead hydrangeas to the delicate flat lacy flowers of the lacecap hydrangeas or to the pointy conical flowerheads of the oakleaf hydrangeas.

Bigleaf hydrangeas hydrangea macrophylla. All hydrangea varieties helleborus. Plants grow up to 25 feet tall and open flowers up to 18 inches long.

Macrophylla react to changes in soil ph. In most species of hydrangea the flowers are white but in some species can be blue red pink or purple. Hydrangea macrophylla colloquially referred to as bigleaf hydrangeas are the most common.

Mophead hydrangeas are the most recognizable and popular hydrangea due to their large puffy flower heads. Other common names include florists hydrangea garden hydrangea and french hydrangea. Colors also beguile with deep blues vibrant pinks pristine whites lavender and rose.

But keep in mind not all hydrangea types are capable of color adjustments. Smooth hydrangeas hydrangea arborescens. A low soil ph allows hydrangeas to absorb aluminum which turns the flowers a beautiful blue color.

Abundant lacecap flowers in this hydrangea serrata are comprised of doubled sepals.

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