Flowers For Algernon Vocab Quiz

Chology and science in flowers for algernon here are some terms to know. The men in charge of the operation in flowers for algernon by daniel keyes are too sure of themselves when they declare the experiment successful.

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Flowers for algernon vocab quiz by dylan g.

Flowers for algernon vocab quiz. Learn flowers for algernon vocabulary with free interactive flashcards. Charlie remembers most of his beatings taking place near the window with rose. Well ask some follow up questions.

Flowers for algernon quiz that tests what you know. Search vocabulary lists explore our library of over 500000 lists. A number that is meant to show how intelligent someone is.

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Short for intelligence quotient. This is a brief questionnaire on the novel flowers for algernon. A vocabulary list featuring flowers for algernon.

And wanted to become even smarter. September 1 2009 by rachel l. See page 59 for an example.

Rorschach rawr shahk test. Flowers for algernon test. He was eager to learn and had a good motivation.

Practice answer a few questions on each word on this list. Print flowers for algernon vocabulary worksheet 1. Mskinnian thought that he was the best student in her class.

Charlie feels as though the window is a literal frame for his stupidity and he hates looking at square windows. Charlie feels as though he has been watching life from behind a window and never participating in it. Flowers for algernon short story.

Flowers for algernon quiz 1. Use it to prep for your next quiz. You may be tempted to only read the word and memorize the definition but that method does not always guarantee the best score on a vocabulary test.

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He had a high iq. Perfect prep for flowers for algernon quizzes and tests you might have in school. Choose from 500 different sets of flowers for algernon vocabulary flashcards on quizlet.

Vocabulary from the story flowers for algernon 15 words. Psychological test in which people describe the images suggested to them by a series of inkblots. Start a new list.

Activities for this list. Studying for a vocabulary quiz can be a daunting task especially when you have words that involve scientific terms like the word list from flowers for algernon. Why was charlie a good candidate for the operation.

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