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You wouldnt think a ya book wouldnt be so impactful but its still one of my favorite books. Its been 25 years since i read that book and it still haunts me.

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Summary Flowers For Algernon Daniel Miessler

I put it along side the road the red badge of courage and paradise lost.

Flowers for algernon reddit. While flowers for algernon is an unforgettable tale asimovs eli5 explanation of organic elemental concentrations needed for vegetative life and the importance of phosphorous in the euphotic zone of the ocean is information that i mentally reference every time i water the garden. I first heard of flowers for algernon via a reddit thread asking which book made you cry or moved you greatly. A lot of people said flowers for algernon.

It was my last class of the day and the subject matter was flowers for algernon so we all gathered into a circle for some group reading. There is a flowers for algernon revelation post every week. My seventh grade literature teachers in class library brought me not only flowers for algernon but also watership down the plague dogs all quiet on the western front and of mice and men.

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I love this book but a 7th grader forever tainted it for me. No doubt the scientists responsible for charlies surgery have good intentions. Flowers for algernon 447 oscar winning film charly starring cliff robertson and claire bloom a mentally challenged man receives an operation that turns him into a geniusand introduces him to heartache.

Flowers for algernon full textpdf. I think a couple months ago i wrote a short piece on the commentary it makes regarding academic elitism and how disabled people fit into a society that prioritizes a persons inherent usefulness. No doubt the scientists responsible for charlies surgery have good intentions.

Oddly enough when jeremy renner started to spaz out in the bourne legacy because he needs his meds flowers for algernon is exactly what i thought of. Flowers for algernon full textpdf. Spoilers submitted 3 years ago by wizardryawaits.

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Once upon a time during college i was doing student teaching at a fairly well to do middle school. Spoilers why did flowers for algernon upset people. It was a tough year.

I looked up the synopsis and it sounded like the sort of book id love based on the. Keyes flowers for algernon was ahead of its time in holding these issues up to scrutiny. Flowers for algernon was a masterpiece.

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