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A medical procedure allows the developmentally disabled to become geniuses. Flowers for algernon is the title of a science fiction short story and a novel by american writer daniel keyesthe short story written in 1958 and first published in the april 1959 issue of the magazine of fantasy science fiction won the hugo award for best short story in 1960.

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It follows the patient who is experimented on and his new relationships.

Flowers for algernon film. The novel was published in 1966 and was joint winner of that years nebula award for best novel with babel 17. This lowly janitor who was the butt of many of his co workers jokes is soon alienating his friends by quoting shakespeare and reading aramaic. An intellectually disabled man undergoes an experiment.

Kelli williams as alice. Flowers for algernon film matthew modine as charlie gordon. By investigating these characteristics between the movie and story we have evaluated how close the movie was to the real story.

Ron rifkin as dr. In the film modine plays charlie gordon a gentle simple man with an iq of 68 who is the subject of an intelligence enhancing experiment. A mentally challenged man named charly undergoes a series of experimental tests to increase his intelligence.

In conclusion flowers for algernon and charly have many differences and similarities. Ken james as mr. Bonnie bedelia as rose.

Recognizing charlie as a hard. We have also learned why the director chose to keepdelete some. Richard chevolleau as burt.

Jeff pustil as gimpy. Cameron bowen as young charlie. Richard fitzpatrick as frank.

He works at donners bakery and attends reading classes at the beekman college center for retarded adults. Charlie gordon is a thirty two year old retarded man. Adapted from daniel keyes timeless novel flowers for algernon is an acclaimed drama of self discovery the unbreakable bonds we form with those who understand us and the capacity we hold to change.

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