Flower Of Life Tattoo

Some artists keep it simple as seen in the carefully plotted composition by guy waisman but others alexis calvie piotr szots and tomas tomas embed it in their designs in more inventive ways. By definition these ornately complex logos are enigmatically enlightened.

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A tattoo with flower of life design is one of the most popular themes one will find.

Flower of life tattoo. For a posh outlook on reality there is no finer pursuit than a flower of life tattoos. Flower of life tattoo is a beautiful and also meaningful tattoo. There used to be a standard design that everyone used but as time went by an assortment of symbols popped up and are now collectively seen as the flower of life.

The flower of life tattoo like the ancient symbol is a collection of concentric circles combined together to make a single unified symbol. This design looks like a circular group of flowers and petals. It usually consists of 19 intertwined small circles of the same size that form a bigger ring.

Find and save ideas about flower of life tattoo on pinterest. My latest tattoo done by ryan smith at foothills tattoo in perth western australia at ryansmithtattoos i told him which elements of sacred geometry i wanted included in this tattoo flower of life seed of life the sri yantra and the rest was left up to him. See more ideas about flower of life sacred geometry tattoo and geometry tattoo.

Many philosophers and architects who researched the flower of life agree that this symbol has a perfect form. Flower of life tattoos are meaningfully tranquil adornments that will dramatically expand any mans fashionable horizons. It is said to contain vital information on the secrets of the universe and all living things.

The flower of life is said to be over 6000 years old and is composed of several concentric equal overlapping circles. The flower of life design is a symbol in many religions hence its popularity. The earliest record of this symbol was said to be found on the alabaster steps that were once parts.

The flower of life is one of the most profound pieces of sacred geometry in the tattoo universe. Flower of life symbol. Each tattoo is so artistic and beautifully designed that you will definitely be tempted to get one for yourself.

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