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Flower horn fish ask price. Buy flowerhorn fish also known as the luo han fish from 999 to 69900.

Flower Horn Fish Size Maximum 10 Inch Rs 2500 Unit Om Sri Sai

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Sorry for saying they are ugly so can ya stop overreacting i have a flowerhorn ok im just not really into hybrid fish cus the flowerhorn fish look so sad and i was just wondering how do these fish get price from 1 1000.

Flower horn fish price. Flowerhorn cichlids are the result of breeding various types of cichlids in controlled breeding programs. The forehead of the flower horn fish is the main focus of attraction of the flower horn fish and is much sought after. It can be a particularly expensive flowerhorn carrying a price tag of more than one thousand dollars.

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Shop online and actually find what youre looking for the first time there isnt a better way to shop. Under 7000 apply. This type of flowerhorn is an original luohan based fish and not a mixed type zen zhu or kamfa.

After the third generation all of them were sold to the a 1 aquarium in 2001. Skip to main content. Totalslides price refinements.

They are classified as a cichlid but unlike other cichlids flowerhorn arent found in the wild at all. Find great deals on ebay for flowerhorn fish. Go to previous slide price refinements.

Choose from hundreds of stunning flowerhorn for sale. Instead they are found in home aquariums and aquariums stores around the world. Ok let me ask again how do flowerhorn get price.

Some include free shipping and overnight delivery to your door. The flowerhorn is an exotic and beautiful in many peoples eyes fish species. After all the main reason among others that this fish is so popular is because of its unique feature.

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Commonly known as luohan fish ca la han or simply as a flowerhorn we handpick all our beautiful flowerhorn fish. The flower horn fish has gone through several generations of selective cross breeding to capture the best characteristics of various different species. Most breeders are striving to produce flower horn fish with bigger nuchal hump on the forehead better coloration bolder black marking on the body which at times resembles chinese characters.

The resulting flowerhorns are just as aggressive and full of personality as the rest of the cichlid fish devouring fish foods and providing ample entertainment making them popular additions to aquariums. Flowerhorn fish live flower horn male flowerhorn fish arowana arowana live fish flowerhorn fish food ls460l flowerhorn food female flowerhorn.

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