Flower Horn Cichlid

In asia the flowerhorn cichlidread more. This is the only common thing they have.

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Their head protuberance or kok is formally termed a nuchal hump.

Flower horn cichlid. Flowerhorn is a typical large american cichlid with big bulky body fan shaped unpaired fins and a bright colored hump on its forehead. Red dragon flowerhorn cichlid baby fry live freshwater aquarium fish. You can put this cichlid fish in your favorite fish tank.

As exotic fishes the flowerhorn is a hybrid cichlid fish by a man in the early 1990s. Commonly known as luohan fish ca la han or simply as a flowerhorn we handpick all our beautiful flowerhorn fish. Or best offer 12235 shipping.

Buy it now 1500 shipping. Thai silk flowerhorn cichlid fry titanium flowerhorn blue diamond flowerhorn. The gorgeous colors and beautiful looks of this fish have catapulted it to super star status in the world of fish keeping.

Its interesting that not only flowerhorn cichlid male has such a hump but the female too but its rather small and unpronounced. Flowerhorn cichlid fish is a hybrid included as the cichlid family with the beautiful appearance and strong characteristic also its good looking and fruitful. Thai silk flowerhorn cichlid fry titanium flowerhorn blue diamond flowerhorn.

The flowerhorn cichlid is one of the most interesting and unique fish around. Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Like blood parrot cichlids they are man made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release.

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