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The ginger flower is also known as red ginger lily wild ginger torch lily torch ginger and wild ginger. 18 tropical flowers for the home anthurium.

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Hawaii is the anthurium capital of the world.

Exotic flower names. Grass of the dew. Often used as an annual outside begonia makes a pretty indoor plant too. List of different types of exotic flowers with exquisite visuals.

Much beloved as a tropical flower for the home for its stately bright blooms. Exotic flowers ginger or dracaena emphasize masculinity and. Crispy as a fresh green apple is the catasetum flower.

Consider yourself lucky if you catch a glimpse of this inflorescence of about 20 flowers. Ignite the rage of the wild with the blue passion flower. Another tropical flower with a rare lavender color is the cattleya.

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This species is different from the edible ginger that is used in cooking though there are certain parts of the flower that are edible and are made use of in certain exotic dishes. The shrub produces showy blooms that are a rich shade of yellow and crimson punctuated by needle thin red stamens. Valentine heliconia which are exotic flowers are named after valentines day as they mostly bloom.

A native of the west indies and the tropical americas. Striking and unusual bromeliad blooms only once then slowly sometimes. Also called barbados pride peacock flower caesalpinia pulcherrima is a loose sprawling shrub notable for its exotic orchid like flowers.

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Facts about exotic flowers each island of hawaii has its own exotic flower specialty.

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