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To create the most efficient power flower you will need 17 energy collector mk3 5 relay mk3 and 1 energy condenser. Best way to make a power flower and power flower farm emc farmfactory in tekkit.

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And im showing how to build energy flower in tekkit with ee relays energy collectors and energy condenser.

Emc power flower. It is comprised of an emc generation structure producing diamonds in a flower petal configuration tying into a central stalk or target point. And making and using power flowers that can be hooked. Generate easy emc more than power flower tekkit legends selftekkit submitted 2 years ago by moofuckingcow.

A power flower is an arrangement of energy collectors of any size and antimatter relays of any model that feed into a central energy condenser producing an unlimited amount of emc to convert into materialsthe arrangement of the collectors and relays takes on the shape of a flower hence the term power flower. One can use diamondsdiamond blocks dark or red matter. I recently built a power flower 13 energy collectors connected to 5 anti matter relays connected to 1 energy condenser for the purpose of producing fast emc and it is made out of entirely mk3 components.

8 diamonds if you want to use our inventory. Ever want to make a power flower but never knew how. There is a long waiting period to arrive at your first most efficient power flower.

Hope you enjoyed tutorial. You may want to consider building. This is the power flower configuration known as a petaled power flower and is well suited for large scale production with an expandable setup.

You can make just one petal of the flower with 3 or 4 energy collectors one anti matter relay and one energy condenser then add additional. This is my first reddit post so please go easy. When i first put i.

This is my first video of tekkit tutorials. Power flowers edit edit source a power flower is the most compact way of arranging collectors relays and condensers. Emc is a world class provider of end to end power system solutions with a presence in power transmission power distribution and balance of plant across the globe.

I found a really easy way of generating large amounts of emc for cheap. The speed at which it creates emc is surprisingly not consistently fast. Description of the power flower.

A cheap manual setup requires only 9 diamonds. It is not the only way to set things up and you dont need to do it all at once. On an smp server leaving this power flower.

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