Charlie Gordon From Flowers For Algernon

After his iq triples charlie must come to terms with his new life. Charlies teacher in his literature class for mentally disabled.

Flowers For Algernon Charlie Gordon Movie Gardening Flower And

Charlie Gordon Flowers For Algernon Movie

Flowers For Algernon Charlie Gordon At The Hospital Gardening

There he lives until the age of seventeen when uncle herman dies.

Charlie gordon from flowers for algernon. A 1968 film charly also starring cliff robertson for which he won the academy award for best actor. This procedure had already been performed on a laboratory mouse algernon with remarkable results. The protagonist of the story who authors the writings or progress reports.

Charlies father takes him to his uncle hermans to live. Donner a good friend of uncle hermans promises to take care of charlie the rest of his life. Charlie is a thirty two year old mentally retarded man who lives in new york city.

A 1961 episode of the television drama the united states steel hour the two worlds of charlie gordon starring cliff robertson. The protagonist and narrator of flowers for algernon charlie gordon starts out as a kindhearted mentally challenged man in his early 30s who is then given an incredible chance to become a genius when hes selected for experimental brain surgery. Flowers for algernon has been adapted many times for different media including stage screen and radio.

At the start of the novel he works at donners bakery as a janitor and delivery boy. Flowers for algernon is a character study of one man charlie gordon. The white laboratory mouse who was the original test of the experiment.

Flowers for algernon character list charlie gordon. Donner is a bakery owner and he guarantees that charlie will always have a place to sleep a job and food to eat. Charlie will be the first human subject.

Charlie is a 32 year old developmentally disabled man who has the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that will dramatically increase his mental capabilities. Charlie gordon the protagonist and author of the progress reports that form the text of flowers for algernon.

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Flowers For Algernon

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