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Get to know camellias. 28 different types of camellias anticipation camellia x williamsii looking similar to a carnation at times.

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Pick up and destroy all fallen blossoms as well as infected ones still on the plant.

Camellia flower types. Flowers may be white pink red or streaked and blooms can be single or double. Camellia japonica or japanese camellia is a common species in this genus that has large flowers with multiple petals creating large fluffy looking blossoms. Its really nice around christmastime one of farmers top picks debutante is a c.

Truly yellow flowers are found only in south china and vietnam. Camellia reticulata camellia hiemalis camellia vernalis and their hybrids are less commonly used in landscapes. This single species of camellia includes most of the cultivars grown in gardens today and this type shows the widest range of flower form colour and size which can vary from miniature to large.

They give you a head start on camellia season. It is also a very adaptable camellia. Hybrid cultivars are a combination of two different types of camellias that are bred together.

Remove and discard any existing mulch then replace it with a 4 to 5 in. The colors of the flowers vary from white through pink colors to red. Camellia petal blight causes flowers to turn brown rapidly then drop.

Layer of fresh mulch. Camellia sinensis yields flowers that produce tea but is not as ornamental as the other cultivars. The flower displays occur in the early spring for cooler climates and from autumn to spring in warmer climates.

Bob hope camellia japonica this flower has very large semi double. The japanese camellia blooms pink red white or striped flowers. Camellias stand for faithfulness and longevity in the language of flowers and make a lush addition to winter wedding flower arrangements.

Tea varieties are always white flowered. Indoor plants often attract mealy bugs scale and aphids. Australis camellia japonica the australis has petals that are an amazing looking shade.

Japonica with light pink flowers and a classic gorgeous look. Sanitation is the best control. The most common camellia species japanese camellia camellia japonica hardy in zones 7 to 9 has a pyramidal or column shape with densely packed branches and reaches 10 to 15 feet tall and 6 to 10 feet wide depending on cultivar.

Sasanqua camellias also widely grown and hardy in zones 7 to 9. Camellia flowers throughout the genus are characterized by a dense bouquet of conspicuous yellow stamens often contrasting with the petal colors. I really like sparkling burgundy and yuletide which has red blooms and pretty yellow stamens.

There are numerous species of camellia about 250 but the camellia types commonly grown as landscape shrubs are camellia sasanqua camellia japonica and hybrids of these.

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