Calla Lily

Calla Lily is a common name for a type of plant. It may specifically refer to: Calla, a genus of common flowering plant in the family Araceae, containing the single Calla Lily Overview – a quick 1 page overview to learn more about the history, origin and requirements of calla lilies. Read More Calla (bog arum, marsh calla, wild calla, squaw claw, and water-arum) is a genus of flowering plant in the family Araceae, containing the single species Calla palustris. Calla Lily is available in a multitude of colors, grows from rhizomes and is ideal for use in beds and borders. You can also grow calla lilies in containers outdoors Calla Lily is a feminine A-line pullover with flower patterns: Heart vine pattern on the sleeves and Baby’s breath lace on the sides of the body. Calla Lily Garden Care New calla lilies require little special attention. Once the calla lilies have started to grow in the garden it is time to start caring for them. .

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Get how to info for planting calla lilies in your own garden. Plus, discover 9 colorful calla lily hybrids and learn about growing and caring for these graceful flowers. Find calla lily meaning, calla lilies in art and the modern history of the calla lily. Learn more about this fascinating, seductive flower here. Know Before You Grow: Planting calla lily bulbs is easy. Learn all about calla lily bulbs including How to Plant Calla Lily Bulbs, When to Plant Calla Lilies, and How to Winterize Calla Lily Bulbs. Hardy varieties of Calla lily tend to be white and will survive overwintering outdoors in many climates. More tender .

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