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The blood lily plant in florida is commonly known as the. Then you will notice new growth when the new growth reaches a certain level of maturity the plant will produce a bloom that looks like a batroom scrungie small red tublar flowers forming a ball this flower will last about a week.

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Plants bloom over a two month period adding both color and unusual form to gardens or containers.

Blood lily flower. Native to south africa african blood lily scadoxus puniceus also known as snake lily plant is an exotic tropical perennial. Zlking 1 piece purple flame lily bulbs gloriosa superba l. Blood lily grows as an evergreen and is a flowering herb houseplant.

National flower of zimbabwe more buying choices 1400 1 new offer. This rhizomatous perennial is in the same family as hippeastrum see african hippeastrum merry christmas. Haemanthus and the globular red flower head grows on a one and one half foot tall stem that is capped by a round blood red cluster of tiny filaments that forms a spectacular six inch wide inflorescence the size of a large saucer.

This unusual ball shape is created by hundreds of tiny florets and it can grow up to 6 wide. Haemanthus bulbs scadoxus african blood lily. During the growing season the plant needs bright light if possible direct sunshine for two hours daily.

The flower stalk bears a rounded inflorescence 8 12 cm across. Where as to the leaves stay untill winter and go dormat until about feb. Normally growing to a mature height of 110 metres 357 feet blood lily grows with a phorb habit.

The flower of a blood lily can either come in white or in a variety of red grows in clusters and appears to have small flat heads which. Walkin us blood red. The blood lily or the haemanthus albiflos of the evergreen variety characterized by a broad colorful foliage shaped like a tongue and large egg shaped bulbs.

Also known as a pincushion flower the attention grabbing blood lily is generally grown for the beauty of its blooms which are unique in both their vibrant bright red color and their distinctive flower form. The african blood lily is a unique bulb that only flowers in the spring. This plant tends to bloom in late summer.

It is native to africa and the arabian peninsula. Attractive foliage is basal and wavy. South africa is believed to be where blood lily originates from.

The plant may live for many years and will flower annually indoors. Its globe shaped flowers are comprised of hundreds of individual sparkly florets each accented with gold tipped stamen. Being an evergreen plant it will keep its leaves throughout the year.

The flashy 10 inch blooms make the plant a real show stopper. This plant produces reddish orange globes of pincushion like blooms in late spring and early summer. Dont let the fearsome name fool you.

The distinguishing features of this plant include the flower head wavy margined leaves and yellow red or orange berries. Blood lily is a bulbous plant with leaves on short speckled stalks.

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