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One of the best plants for shade, these top-notch shade perennials are grown mainly for foliage, but they also bloom blue flowers in the spring. . We are a small company which offer live American native plants for sale. The plants we offer do well in full shade, or near full shade as this is their native habitat. These tiny white flowers grow well in deep shade, emit an enchanting fragrance in late spring and early summer, and brighten up dark corners. Add clouds of color to your garden with a patch of tiny azure-blue flowers. They thrive in dry shade, conditions that can be particularly difficult The best recommended shade plants and flowers for shady gardens, including shade perennials, full shade plants and colourful shade plants. White flowers hold a special place in the world of shade tolerant flowers. No other color flowers will bring as much sparkle and brightness to a dim area of your yard. Bleeding hearts usually reach 2′-3′ in height with a similar spread. The plants’ flowers are either pink or white, and they appear in April or May. .

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As a guide, partial shade refers to those areas that are shaded for 4-6 hours per day. Morning sun or east facing locations are typical or dappled light obstructed by trees. More Information About Purple/Lavender Flowering Plants. Purple Flowers – the color of royalty. Spanning the range from violet to maroon, to blue purple, to pale lavender, there are purple flowers for all tastes from mild to wild. Plants that love shade, are incredibly hardy, come back year after year, AND are totally maintenance free!! All perennial They are the easiest plants you can grow! Designed to help you find the best plants for your situation. This website will show you the best native Australian and exotic plants for different uses, soil types, heights, locations and more. .

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