A Roses Bouquet, A Love Declared

Roses flower have more than 259 varieties

A Roses Bouquet, A Love Declared. Roses are probably the most loved flowers worldwide, and this certainly is not surprising, as their beautiful appearance and elegant perfume cannot help but captivate everyone. There are many stories and legends about these flowers, and have also been mentioned in much more literature works.

A Roses Bouquet, A Love Declared
A Roses Bouquet, A Love Declared

Perhaps the most well known quote was from Romeo and Juliet, where Romeo, desperate to convince that a name is of absolutely no importance, he explains that a rose will keep its adorable scent even if its name is changed. Each rose carries in its petals a history of love and of beauty, and for this reason, a roses bouquet is the ultimate declaration of love.

A Roses Bouquet – These flowers have been with us for a very, very long time.

A Roses Bouquet
A Roses Bouquet

In fact, the evidence provided by fossils, the rose is no younger than 35 million years old. In Crete, there have been Frescoes discovered, from 1700 BC, which reveal roses that have five petals. Moreover, the flowers have also been found in one of the tombs of an Egyptian Pharaoh.
In the Roman Empire, there have been years when peasants stopped growing crops, and started growing roses, because the rulers of the time desired it. There is no question that the flowers were used, for the emperors has their beds covered in them, and perfume made out of their petals.
Later on, in the 1600s, the increased demand of roses gave them the capacity of being legal tender. Thus, many common people chose to make payments in roses instead of using money. Nonetheless, the flowers weren’t introduced to Europe as cultivated until the 1700s.

Roses have more than 259 varieties

Roses flower have more than 259 varieties
Roses flower have more than 259 varieties

In the same century, the wife of one of the most well known figures in history developed a strong love for these flowers, which prompted her to create an entire collection of over 259 varieties. Indeed, Napoleon could give his wife a roses bouquet, and that would make her the happiest woman.
The most used meaning that roses carry within their elegant petals is that of love. Giving a single red rose is, in fact, a declaration or a way of stating “I love you”, without voicing any words. White, on the other hand, speaks of a different feeling, and it is the means through which one can say that they are worthy of the person receiving it. Pink roses show appreciation and admiration, whereas orange ones reveal desire. It is only the yellow colored ones that can have two meanings, one of them being of happiness or friendship, and the other of jealousy. One has a truly large variety of meanings to choose from when giving a roses bouquet, and all of them can be tied to different forms of the same pure feeling: love.
Roses have made us fall in love with them over and over again, and that is the reason why we feel the need to give them to those people who have taken our hearts. Giving a roses bouquet is a classic way of declaring a strong feeling, as many would say that if love were to take the form of a flower, it would become a rose.

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